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Dip & Spin Paint


Tech Coat Inc. offer the services of a fully automated paint line that applies a zinc rich micro layered baked on paint.

The first step is to clean and activate the steel prior to painting; this is achieved in two ways:

Slurry Blast:

Tech Coat Inc. utilizes a closed loop non hazardous slurry blast machine which very accurately cleans and activates the surface of the parts prior to painting.  This technology can and is replacing phosphating as a method of cleaning and pre-treating parts.  Slurry blast technology has no hazardous by products, is closed looped and does not induce any hydrogen embrittlement into the parts prior to painting.


Tech Coat Inc. has modern, high volume, fully automated, phosphating capabilities if your parts specifications require this process as a pretreatment.  We are the industries leader in all phosphating.

After the cleaning and prep work is done our automatic CNC paint system is utilized to dip steel parts and then centrifically and robotically manipulate the parts to very accurately controlled coating weights and coverage.  The parts are then baked to exacting temperature and cure times.  Depending on the applications and specifications this process may be repeated several times.


The paint system is a multilayered process which concludes with a baked on top coat.  The top coat is a type of paint that is responsible for controlling torque values and corrosion ability.